Building Blocks - Finance

Time to go back to school and learn how to grow your business?

Here’s the one supply you’ll need. Easy, right?

Quote Builder

Automate building quotes through our easy-to-use Excel template.

Minimum inputs, maximum output.

Building Blocks - People

Need tools to educate employees on creating a work environment based on dignity and respect?

Our online course is for you.

Since 1993

Why We Exist

We believe well-educated contractors make better professionals and create more successful businesses ultimately changing our industry for the better.

Knowledge is meant to share and we have more than 40 years of it.

We graduated from the school of hard knocks and want to spare contractors from some of the bumps and bruises we earned along the way.

After all, sharing is caring.


Who Are We...

Want to know the people building content and tools for you?